Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clean Water for Africa Day (3)

Clean Water for Africa Day will take place July 25 at 3013 Jockvale adjacent to the Barrhaven United Church. It will be a fun-filled fund raiser with lots of games and prizes for the kids. All proceeds will go through Plan Canada to help drill a well in Mwanza, Tanzania. There will be more details to come.

According to Oxfam Canada, as quoted in an article by Vivian Song in Sunday's Ottawa Sun, "In Botswana, women walk nearly 7 km every day to fetch water to wash, cook and clean. That's when girls are forced to quit school". And that is exactly why Chris and I are trying to do our bit. We feel that the starting point for creating a better world is in providing the basics, such as clean water. Once the water is available, kids need classrooms to attend.
We can all help...one kid at a time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Golf Tournament Update (3)

What is that we are holding at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, you might ask. Why, it's a golf ball. How appropriate because this is another update on our Kilimanjaro Golf Fore Kids tournament to be held August 29 in Smiths Falls. We just found out that, thanks to James Careless (http://www.tjtdesign.com), we will have some electronics available at the Golf Tournament. We are not sure how we will sell them yet. Silent auction!!?? Live auction!!?? Whatever!! They will be available. Here are some examples:
- HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One Printer
- Verbatim travel laser mouse - 2
- Spindle (or 2) of Verbatim CDR
- Spindle of Verbatim DVDR
- Some software
- and much more

Jim and Theresa Jones and the rest of our good friends at Tucson's have also donated some gift certificates for the tournament.

These are only the ones I know about. There are many more donors who have given us much more for the tournament. All proceeds go to our classroom project in Tanzania.

Come on out and play some golf like Rosemary McCarney, CEO, Plan Canada, is going to do. It will be a special day!