Clean Water in Tanzania

Final progress report
Clean water in Tanzania
Prepared for Mr. Barry Finlay
July 2011

Impact – What your gift has helped to achieve
More than 2.2 million children die every year – that’s four every minute – as a result of diarrhea caused by dirty drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene.

To improve access to clean water in Tanzania, you helped provide a borehole to Kayenze Pre-school. This project allows children, especially girls, the opportunity to stay in school instead of spending their days traveling long distances to gather water, as well as improving their health and hygiene. The following are highlights from this project:

Hydro-geological survey, borehole drilling and construction
The contracted company for this activity successfully completed the hydro-geological survey and identified a viable point for drilling, approximately 700 meters from the pre-school. The drilling and construction of the borehole was also completed successfully. Water was found 20 meters deep, but the drilling went down to 60 meters to ensure sustainability of the water source.

The pump test was completed and the borehole was found very productive, with the capacity of yielding approximately 1,800 litres/hour. This is enough water for both the pre-school and the community.

Purchase and installation of solar powered pump and solar panels
The pump and solar panels were purchased and installed accordingly. The panels have the capacity of pumping the required amount of water to the raised tank, positioned at the pre-school. Water from the raised tank is distributed to three drip points. One drip point is within the pre-school premises, one at the nearby primary school and the other at the borehole itself to benefit the community who are also responsible for the day-to-day security of the equipment at the project site.

Water User Committee meeting
The Water User Committee Members held a meeting to discuss the funds that were collected for borehole maintenance. The treasurer reported that their account had an adequate amount of savings for repairs and that all identified households expected to benefit from the project would contribute a very reasonable amount of money per month for ongoing repairs. There were a few households identified by the Water User Committee, such as child headed and widowed households, who may not be able to afford the water usage fee, who will be exempt from the monthly contributions.

Project monitoring
The project is well monitored by the community, Mwanza city officials and Plan staff. The country director of Plan Tanzania visited the project to assess the project’s progress and provided advice as necessary. He appreciated the contribution of the municipal government and the community towards this project, as their collaboration demonstrates a positive step towards sustainability. Their involvement is as follows:
• The Water User Group members opened a bank account for the borehole project allowing them to keep funds safe and solely for the maintenance of the borehole
• After the installation of the water pump and solar panels, the children from Kayenze Pre-school initiated the flow of water by aid of solar power, assuring the community safe and clean water for the children at the school, their families and the surrounding community
• The community’s contribution of land for the project and manpower for trenching and laying pipes gives promise for complete community ownership of the project, security and sustainability

Moving forward
Congratulations on the completion of the borehole at Kayenze Pre-school. We are happy to announce that the municipality was so inspired by the borehole that they have decided to fund further development within the project to lay pipes. This effort will direct some of the water to a storage tank allowing the community access to the water in addition to the students at school. This extension will be finished within the summer. When the municipality has completed their additional contribution to the borehole, Plan will provide you with a project update to show you how much the community appreciates your contribution to clean water in Tanzania.

Next stage - additional planned activities
Construction of tank raiser and installation of the water tank
Inspired by the borehole, the Mwanza City Council has invested in an extension of the borehole to complement this project. This contribution has been allocated to the construction of the tank raiser, purchase and installation of the water tank, allowing for 5,000 litres of storage capacity.

Trenching and laying of the pipes
A trench is currently being dug from the borehole to the raised water tank at the pre-school and from the raiser to three identified drip points. With the completion of trenching, the pipes will be laid accordingly. This activity is being completed by the Kayenze Community under the supervision of the Mwanza City Water Department technicians.

Construction of drip points
The construction of three drip points will be done by the City Council once the construction of the tank raiser is completed and that the pipes are laid. This activity will also be done by the City Council.
Photos of the project

Thank you
The success of this clean water project would not have been possible without your support. On behalf of the children at Kayenze Pre-school and the community of Mwanza, thank you.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on this report, please contact Catherine Wallace, Director of Major Gifts & Development, by email at or at 1-800-387-1418, ext. 270.