Final Progress Report - Increasing Access to Education in Tanzania

Final progress report
Increasing access to education in Tanzania
Prepared for Mr. Barry Finlay
July 2011

Impact – What your gift has helped to achieve
Learning is crucial for development and is one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. To improve the accessibility of education in Tanzania, you helped construct and furnish four new classrooms at Sabasaba Primary School. This project has increased the enrollment rate allowing 350 students to receive the education they deserve. The following are activities carried out throughout this project:
• Community awareness meetings were held by the community development facilitator encouraging the participation of community members throughout the project. As a result, a large amount of volunteers from the area participated by helping plant trees at the school, fetching water, assisting with site clearance and performing project security duties throughout the construction process to ensure materials were not stolen and damage was not done to the site.
• The contractor was selected by Plan Tanzania ensuring appropriate value for money, transparency and equal opportunity. The selection process went well. Quality work was provided and government standards were followed.
• Furnishings were purchased as planned. The purchases included 92 desks, four chairs and four tables. They were divided between the four newly constructed classrooms. Shelves and cupboards were also made for each room.
• A handover ceremony took place presenting the new classrooms to the children, communities and government. The surrounding communities participated throughout the celebration by performing songs and poems to show their thanks.

Project outcomes
• The four new classrooms have been completed and in use since January 24th, 2011
• This project has benefited 350 children, the current enrolment at Sabasaba Primary School
o The enrolment rate has increased from 40% in the 2008/2009 school year to 116% in 2011
o The government standard for teachers to students per classroom is 1:45. With the four new classrooms and the large increase in enrollment the ratio has become 1:50, slightly above the government standard
o The target enrolment rate is 300 children per year

Moving forward
The community promises project sustainability through an increased awareness of education, emphasizing girls’ right to education. Students are encouraged to continue with secondary school studies, as community members have recognized the value of education through this project.

“On behalf of the government, I would like to express my thanks to Plan International in collaboration with Plan Canada for supporting us with four classrooms and 92 desks. The government promises to sustain the project by ensuring that the school committee is trained on school improvement, focusing on learning environment, improvement of school development programs and action plans. This will lead to improved efficiency of learning and implementing in our school programs.

We appreciate the support of classrooms from the Finlay family, as well as supporting us with various text books during their visiting in Tanzania. We all express our thanks”

- Paul, Teacher, Sabasaba Primary School

Thank you
Thank you for your generous efforts to increase access to education in Tanzania. Due to your hard work and dedication, four classrooms have been constructed and furnished allowing 350 children access to a safe learning environment. This project has improved opportunities for children now and for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on this report, please contact Catherine Wallace, Director or Major Gifts & Development, by email at or at 1-800-387-1418, ext. 270.