Monday, June 1, 2009

"How Corporate America Really Views Africa"

You might find it interesting to read this report on understanding how US corporations view Africa as an investment destination and what their requirements are for investing in Africa on the same scale as their investments in the rest of the developing world.

The study comprised in-depth inter-personal interviews with top management decision-makers in 30 leading United States multi-national corporations; of which 50% were in Fortune 100 and 75% in Fortune 500. Industries covered include Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Agribusiness, Consumer Goods, Petrochemical/Extractive, Aerospace/Defense, Information & Communication Technology, Infrastructure, Media, Transportation. All the participants were senior executives.

The information was gathered between January and November 2008 in a study conducted by the international qualitative research practice of Baird’s Communications Management Consultants (United Kingdom) in partnership with the Africa Business Initiative of the US Chamber of Commerce.

This report is on part one of a study in two parts about investment in Africa. The second part will deal with the response of African political and government leaders to these private sector views.

Download the Executive Summary:

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