Friday, April 22, 2011

Elaboration on the previous post

Just to elaborate a bit on my previous post, I think my book, Kilimanjaro and Beyond, could appeal to a variety of people.  There is the adventure aspect with the climb of the mountain.  There is the change in lifestyle required to give me the strength and physical conditioning required to do the climb.  There is the fact that I did it as I move into my senior years, which demonstrates that it is never too late to do anything.  There is the father-son story line as I was able to complete the climb with one of my sons.  There is the philanthropic component as we experience the successes, failures, highs and lows of fund raising and finally there us the immense satisfaction of accomplishing a goal and giving others the opportunity to achieve theirs.

Because of the broad subject matter, I am hoping that the book will appeal to a number of people with different interests so I have been approaching a variety of magazines and newspapers regarding the book. Each requires a slightly different approach.  As I mentioned, it is labour intensive, but fun.  And what else have I got do as I wait for the cover design to be completed?        

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