Friday, May 6, 2011

Great News From Africa!

I just received word that the well we have been raising money for in Tanzania is now producing 1,800 liters of water an hour, which is more than enough to service 800 preschoolers and 50 households in the community for years to come.

While our classroom project was finished pretty much on schedule, this one took longer than expected.  I was disappointed when we went to Tanzania in February and learned that the drilling had not started. Plan Tanzania staff assured me that it was imminent and we saw the drilling rig working about 10 km away.  Apparently, there are very few reliable drilling rigs in Tanzania so when they found one that can be relied upon, they stuck with it.

It did indeed come through and the project can now be considered a success.  They are still waiting for a solar pump, but the children will have their clean, potable water in no time.  It has been worth the wait and having seen the looks on the faces of the children and teachers who are so satisfied with their new classroom, I can just imagine how they will feel about having water at their fingertips.  It is another reminder of why we are doing this.

Anyone wishing to donate to our new project to help young women establish small businesses, which will provide livelihoods for their families and education for their children, can do so by clicking on the "Donate" button on the right.

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