Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little More Detail

We are back in civilization now in Arusha so I will expand a bit on what we have seen.  First and foremost, when we entered the new classroom, there was the Canadian flag that Chris and I carried to Kili's peak hanging beside the Tanzanian flag.  That was a proud moment.  The ceremony beforehand was amazing with songs of thanks and a reading from one of the students. There was also a sign of thanks hanging in the classroom.  There were a number of government officials in attendance and speeches from nearly all the adults in attendance!

There has been a tremendous change in the atmosphere at the school.  The teachers are considerably more confidant than they were two years ago.  One acted as Master of Ceremonies and I just don't think we would have seen that when we were there last time.  

Our church youth group, Barrhaven United, prepared 12 letters to the students at the school.  We are carrying 12 responses back, well written and translated. We planted three trees at the primary school.

At the preschool we had a great time with the students and met with the water committee who will be in charge of maintaining the well.  They are a serious and dedicated group.  The well will be in good hands.

There is much more to say and it will be difficult not to make the Epilogue the longest chapter of the book!  However, I am running out of internet time so I will continue this later.  Next stops - Dar, Amsterdam. Detroit, Home!  We should be semi functional by the afternoon of the 10th.

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  1. I can see that you'll be tempted to write the epilogue longer!