Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a Day!

I can't possibly describe today in a few words from my cel phone but I will try to hit the highlights. We visited Sabasaba Primary School where the new classroom is complete. They now have 900 students and six classroooms but they get by. We were treated like royalty. Then it was on to the Kayenze School where the borehole is intended to be. It was a bit disappointing to learn that it is not done but we saw the drill and the borehole should be there in about two weeks. After lunch we visited a new girl's dorm that will house 100 secondary school girls. Most are orphans and what a delightful group. It is amazing that they are so grounded considering what they have been through.
I will write more later when I have a real keyboard in front of me. The photo is at the preschool.

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