Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Major TV Appearance

Monday brought a new experience for me. I have been on community television a few times.  Locally, it involves sitting in a small "green room" with other guests until the hosts come blasting in prior to the show. The hosts of our community show bring an amazing energy level into the room as they swoop in. The atmosphere quickly goes from quiet conversation to a raucous review of the day's topic with each of the guests. Then you sit and wait for your turn. The show is live so what is said is well, said.  The hosts are professional and VERY upbeat.  It is a professional and enjoyable experience.  The interview itself lasts about five minutes.

Monday was a little different. It was a taping on the national show 100 Huntley Street in Toronto. The Crossroads Centre where the taping takes place is massive, the green room is nicely appointed and there is a quiet calm about the whole experience. The host, Moira, is a lovely and very professional lady.  For the first time I had to wear makeup and I must say I look pretty good with eyebrows!  I sat quietly before the interview, we said a little group prayer before taping started and Moira took me through the interview with leading questions. I have to say I was disappointed when it was coming to an end. Fifteen minutes went by very quickly!

I always spend the next day thinking about things I wish I had said or things I wish I had said better.  Maybe you stop doing that with experience. I don't know. I always cringe a bit when I watch myself.  I think that is probably natural too.  In any event, the 100 Huntley Show will be aired sometime in the next few weeks and after I have seen it and if I like it, I will post the link.  LOL