Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Nashville!

This year, the new year was brought in by watching our son and his band in Nashville, Tennessee! Great music! Great city! I love the vibe here. There is something about the city that gets the creative juices flowing as I am sure any musician will attest to.  I am finding myself rejuvenated with plans for new events to continue to help the children of Africa and with a desire to promote Kilimanjaro and Beyond and maybe work on a new book. Hopefully, all of that won't disappear when we had back to ice and snow in a few days!

I hope that 2012 brings everyone what they would like it to. I personally would like to see a reduction in poverty around the world. Everyone should have access to food and clean water and other basics of life and we will continue to do our bit to help out the young women in Tanzania start businesses so they can provide the basics for their familes.

We hope we can continue to count on your support for 2012. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you and yours!  Let's hope 2012 is the best year yet for all of us!


  1. You have my support, Barry. I'll do my small bit in contributing to the women & children in Tanzania. Have an awesome 2012 with your family!


  2. Thanks Claudine! I appreciate your support. I sincerely hope that 2012 is your best year yet. You deserve it!